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The Challenges of Delivery Teams: whitepaper and discussion

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Most large organizations have some form of project management and change management teams. In fact, lost of businesses have multiple teams running projects, delivering change and otherwise helping the organization to develop and improve.

There is lots written about project, programme, portfolio and change management – about increasing project performance, creating high performing project teams and so on, but there is less thought about the setting up and running of project and change management teams. 

I work with a lot of project, change and internal consulting teams – setting them up, helping them grow, overcoming specific problems or generally helping them to improve. In doing this I have noticed a pattern, a set of common challenges that these teams face. I have captured these challenges into the document that is attached to this blog. (I’ve not put the words directly onto this site as the document is several thousand words – too long for a blog!). It’s more of a whitepaper than a blog. The document provides an overview of the types of issues these teams face.

I see the challenges these teams face in two categories:

  • The delivery team’s challenge: that is the issues the team will face, and which can be resolved by the team.
  • The organization’s delivery challenge: that is the issues the team will face which are due to wider organizational factors. The delivery team may be able to influence the resolution of these issues, or if not will have to live with them, learning to adapt its ways to deal with them.

I have written this whitepaper for several reasons. Firstly, by capturing the most common challenges I think we are more likely to find practical solutions to them. Secondly, I want to generate debate and discussion on these issues. Thirdly, to help anyone setting up such a team think about and plan how to deal with the inevitable challenges they will face. 

Feel free to download the document, read it, share it and use it. It’s just a set of opinions, and as such I am certain there will be other useful thoughts out there – I’m happy to enter into dialogue with anyone who has further or different thoughts on this topic.

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