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I set this site up to be a single repository and access point for all of my writing. I like the process of writing, and this site reflects that, in that it goes against many current trends: there are images, but overall it is rather wordy and not very visual. I make no apologies for this, as this is a site for those who want to read what I have written. I have a wider online presence than this site, for those who are more visually orientated or want to find out about my speaking or consulting services. 

Since I published my first book in 2008 I have continued to write. I have published 10 books now. They have been translated into languages as diverse as Japanese, Russian, Italian, Korean, Romanian and Spanish, (and lots more). They vary from mass market to niche books, which might be loosely categorised under the themes of getting things done or making things happen in different contexts. On top of this, I regularly write articles, which are published all over the place. I wanted to provide a single place were all of them can be found. Some articles are published elsewhere first, especially if I have been commissioned to write a piece, but sooner or later they will end up here. Finally, there is my spasmodic blog where I comment on all sundry of things that go through my mind and which inspire me to write a few words down. I try to keep to the general themes of my writing, but the blog ranges more broadly.

Why changing hats? Like a lot of people I jump around between different roles, metaphorically changing my hat. I have family roles, friendship roles, client roles, writing roles and so on. Whilst my writing has tended to focus on the professional side of my life, there is a gradual migration to other topics. I take inspiration from all of my roles and more: work of course, but also travel, literature, my friends, academic studies, and what I observe and hear as I wander around. I can be inspired by pretty much anything, from the regular mundane details of life through to those very occasional profound experiences I have been lucky enough to have.

Another reason for the name changing hats is that a lot of my work deals with helping organisations and people to change - taking off the hat they are currently wearing and putting on another one. Sometimes this is easy to do. On other times it can be incredibly hard. One word I use a lot is ‘balance’. Often the hardest challenge in life is finding the right balance between the different hats we each choose to wear. It is also one of the most important challenges to resolve. I do not believe the good life comes from trying to excel with every hat we wear, but comes about by optimising the balance between hats. Well balanced people are happy people.

The final reason for changing hats is just that I like hats. When I go somewhere new, and I have travelled in dozens of countries, I always try to buy a hat.

Like most people, I have lots to do and limited time to do it in, but when I’ve got time I’m always happy to discuss books and writing more generally. (If you have come here in a mistaken search for my professional services, they are explained at a different site, Enixus.)


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